• Cathy B. Parker

Veteran’s Day to Remember

By Author Cathy B Parker

Having moved recently to a small town in South Georgia where my husband coaches, I seem to explore trying to get to know the people.  So today, Veteran’s Day, I decided to attend the local Veteran’s Day Parade.  

I stood on the street watching the Appling County High School JROTC lead the parade, followed by the High School Marching Band.  Just behind the band were several Veterans ranging in age, waving to those of us who lined the street cheering.  I got all choked up when one of the Veterans came towards an elderly man standing next to me wearing a U.S. Navy hat and asked him to join in the precession.  On they walked to the steps of the Courthouse with the crowd falling in behind them.

The honored speaker had just spoken the words, “Our youth are our future leaders” when a Cadet displaying the Georgia State flag with the JROTC succumbed to the warming temperatures and the length of time being at attention.  Her legs gave way and the flag started to fall, but neither this young Cadet or the flag would hit the ground.  She was quickly carried into the shade and received the medical attention needed; the Georgia State flag was positioned upright by a Baxley Police Officer who was in attendance.  The Police Officer stood in her place side-by-side with the other JROTC Cadets until the program concluded with them marching off in unison.  

I went to thank the Police Officer and the JROTC Cadets for seamlessly continuing with the Presentation of the Colors.   

Folks, this Veteran’s Day I got to meet and say thank you to some great Americans!

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