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Cathy B. Parker

Cathy Parker and her family’s lives have always revolved around athletics.  She is the wife of former NFL player and current high school football coach, Carl Parker.  She is also the mother of four children; all raised on the ball fields. In 2007, the Parkers saw an opportunity to give back in an area in which they had been blessed.  They spearheaded an effort to help a struggling community 4,000 miles away in Barrow, Alaska by giving them a gift of an artificial turf football field to replace their gravel-covered field.  

Cathy saw her goal accomplished when she watched the Barrow Whalers play their season-opening game on their new blue and goldfield, named “Cathy Parker Field”, which is located beside the Arctic Ocean.  She has received national media coverage for her efforts and has been featured on ESPN’s “Outside the Lines.”  She has also been the recipient of NBC Nightly News’ “Difference Maker of the Week” and ABC Nightline’s “Person of the Week.”  Her inspirational story is featured in her book, Northern Lights.

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Project Alaska Turf  Project Alaska Turf, a 501c3 entity, began in February 2007 raising the money needed to provide this start-up team with an artificial turf field to replace their gravel-covered field.

Beyond The Ballfield - Beyond The Ball Field provides a platform for powerful women to share their experiences of overcoming challenges in our sports-crazed society.

Athletes2Champions - Athletes2Champions is a unique nonprofit organization that helps kids build character, learn discipline and value respect through sports. This is truly a grassroots organization that focuses on action instead of words. We get involved. We make a difference. We believe that, with the right help, there’s almost no obstacle a child can’t overcome.

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"Northern Lights"

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