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Cathy B. Parker

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Public Speaking

Find your motivation. I offer public speaking services for a variety of events, sharing my stories, advice, and more from lessons learned at the ballfield.

Vision Casting

I know the importance of having the resources necessary to fulfill great visions. I also know that the “vision” comes before the game plan can be put in place. Whether your goal is to raise funds for a non-profit or reach a lofty increase in your business, my stories of raising funds, gathering national support and successfully reaching the goal will move your audience to action.

Women’s Organizations

In the office, at home, within your civic group, or at the ballfield, the power and influence of us WOMEN are immeasurable. I enjoy sharing my experiences with my fellow sister-friends, encouraging them to use their influence to improve their world.

Churches / Faith-Based Organizations

Being a part of something that is much bigger than ourselves…something miraculous…is a topic that I love to speak about. I continue to be amazed that our God uses ordinary people like you and me to do His amazing work. I would be honored to encourage others who have great visions for missions, outreach, and ministry.

Athletic Organizations and Events

As the wife of a coach/former NFL player, and the mother of four athletes, I know well the extreme highs and devastating lows that come with living a life that revolves around athletics. My stories of triumph, despite the score of the game, will encourage athletes, coaches, and their families. My soon-to-be-available book, Praying for More than a Win, will uplift and redirect the focus of athletes and their families in a realistic and positive direction.

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